JP Embedded Solutions is a small technology consultancy business specialising in solution design and implementation for all kinds of requirements; we have experience ranging from systems designed for thousands of users all the way down to small microcontroller-based devices.

Our speciality is in business-led architecture-driven design, so we don’t just deliver a technical solution, we deliver an integrated capability as part of the customer’s business.  Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Agile architecture-driven design using rigorous methodologies for analysis and design, such as UML, executable UML, and the Model Driven Architecture.
  • Large-scale applications programming in C, C++, Java, C#, Haskell, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more, including both server-side processing and graphical user applications.
  • Distributed computing with HADOOP and CloudHaskell.
  • Embedded systems of all kinds, especially ARM and Microchip PIC and dsPIC architectures.  Also FPGA development.
  • Robotics, particularly control algorithms and information representation (e.g. robot ontologies).

In addition to this we have an active research programme, looking at:

  • Distributed computing, particularly generalisations of MapReduce using functional programming techniques.
  • Models of languages for robot-robot and robot-human communication.
  • Distributed robotics, where the robot is wireless enabled and uses pervasive wireless networks to draw on resources available in the cloud.
  • IT delivery methodologies: programme management, project management, design processes, requirement analysis, etc.

This blog focusses on our research activities.  For more information about the business, with an emphasis on robotics, see www.jpembedded.co.uk.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello

    I am interested in working with dynamic graphs and how some of their structures can be improved (i.e. trees, paths, etc). I have read a bit of your contribution to Haskell, more specifically on monads for the MapReduce model.

    I am wondering if we can be in touch through email and also if you do not mind to suggest me some reading material to start with.

    A big question for me is perhaps:

    In a daily dynamic network (graph) such Internet, how it is possible to deal with a simple computation as SSSP (single-source shortest path) or reachability? Same for functional programming language since intermediate graphs are potentially generated?



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