Welcome to JP Embedded Solutions

Welcome to the JP Embedded Solutions blog.

We are a small business specialising in designing control systems and control software for powerful semi-autonomous robots.  We have two key ideas that drive our thinking:

The robot in the cloud

Wireless networks are now pervasive.  Rather than having to do everything itself, the robot can form a device in the wider cloud.  This means it can call on fixed environmental sensors to get data that it could not itself obtain, interrogate other robots, interact with drivers / observers, and call on powerful computing resources for complex decision-making.

The robot as web service

Following from this, the robot should present itself to the world as a web service.  This means, not only can it interact as one part of a wider web of resources providing a service to its users, but it can be accessed anywhere, from a computer, a tablet or a phone.

As far as implementation goes, we have one guiding principle:

Concentrate on requirements, not implementation

Tools such as executable UML and the Model Driven Architecture now make it possible to concentrate most effort in understanding and modelling requirements, with implementation being derived in standardised ways.  This is crucial in robotics, where we can use a combination of standard hardware / software modules and the interest lies in how we glue them together.  Therefore we adopt the requirement-first approach, aiming to concentrate on reducing customer risk, rather than worrying about details of implementation.

If you would like to know more about us, please visit us at www.jpembedded.co.uk.



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