The CATSKELL Manifesto


For too long, the feline programming community has been restricted to imperative languages.  Kittehs have been mewing, nay yowling, for a chance to use the paradigm of the future: functional programming.

And now their time has come.  For I am pleased to announce the foundation of the Catskell project.  My intention is, in the spirit of LOLCODE to create a feline friendly language which provides the core functionality of a pure functional language.  Which might be suspiciously like Haskell if you happen to look at it closely enough . . .  And when it is done, I will have proved that I am not just a any old nerd, but a nerd who is a friend to kittehs everywhere.


And no, this is no joke.  In technical terms, what I intend to do is to:

  • Define a language which corresponds with core Haskell and its basic types (atomic types, algebraic types, list), monads (including the IO monad) and basic library functions (folds, map, filter, list manipulation)
  • Write a translator, which will convert Catskell code into Haskell, allowing it to be compiled and executed
  • (If I’m feeling really brave) An interpreter like GHCI


So there.  Work has already begun.  To see what’s happening go to the Catskell Project’s page.

If you want to take part, get in touch, and we will see what we can do.



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