Innovative new iOS app

c2oWe’re pleased to announce a new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 8.4 or higher).  The Chaos2ordeR Media Centre is an app with a difference, with fluid layout, and layered complexes of sound and video, including ‘music’ composed by the device.  Media is provided by Chaos2ordeR, an independent record label specialising in elektronika / avant garde music.

Unique features

Chaos2ordeR on iPad

What makes this app special is its layout.  To fit in with the dadaist ethos of Chaos2ordeR we deliberately chose to make the layout randomised, so the positions of widgets on the screen, the ordering of items in lists, even the fonts used, are selected randomly whenever the app is launched.  Layouts are deliberately ragged and misaligned: all intended to create a retro internet c. 1990 feel.


What is really special is the fluidity.  We rejected the traditional paradigm of a number of pages with fixed layouts.  Instead there is only one ‘view’ – all of the widgets are live all the time, each having a ‘home locaItion’, a randomly selected point outside the bounds of the visible screen.

What happens when the user selects a ‘page’ from the menu is that widgets currently on the screen go home (off-screen) and those currently at home go to their desired on-screen location.  All of this is animated.  So, instead of a boring page transition, there is a visually beautiful page flow, where widgets move smoothly around the page.

I’m bored…

When the user is playing media, they’re likely to get bored.  Who doesn’t?  Well, we let them tell us.  The app has a big I’m Bored button, and when the user clicks it, it reacts.  More than that, it keeps a track of how often and fast they’re clicking it, uses some AI to work out just how frustrated they are, then adds in a random number for fun and reacts accordingly.  Depending on mood this can be:

The result is a patchwork of layers of sound and video, with the official streamed media in the background, and then as many layers of annoyance as happen to be running right now over the top.  So the user becomes the creator of their own sound fabric made from the components provided by Chaos2ordeR.

So what?

This is new.  This is breaking the bounds of rigid, box-based layout in favour of something living, organic, fun even.  And it’s only the start.  So, if you want a mobile app written and want it to stand out from the herd of same old, same old kit-built numbers, come to JP Embedded Solutions Limited.  We may cost more, but it’s worth it…


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