The Catskell project

Ceiling Cat approves of Catskell
Ceiling Cat approves of Catskell

This is the main page for the project to develop a pure functional programming language aimed at the feline programmer.  Essentially it is going to be a cut-down dialect of Haskell, with similar semantics, but a syntax straight out of LOLCODE.


My current intention is to deliver the following:

  1. A specification for standard Catskell
  2. A Catskell to Haskell translator, which can act as a front-end GHC or any other Haskell compiler
  3. (If I feel up to it) A simple interpreter (probably a wrapper around GHCI)


  • Current activity: established web presence, started language definition
  • Current status: happycat

About the language

The aim is to provide sufficient syntax to define:

  • Basic atomic types
  • The ability to define algebraic types
  • Typeclasses
  • Lists
  • Monads
  • Machinery required to define functions

And in terms of libraries:

  • Basic list manipulation functions
  • Folds
  • Simple command-line IO (may add files in a later version)



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