List of Catskell keywords


Catskell Haskell equivalent
moerStuff $

Types and typeclasses

Catskell Haskell equivalent
Numba Int
RealBigNumba Integer
HairyNumba Real
Bikkit Char
StringILuvsIt String
Troof Bool
Mebbe Maybe
Haerbl Monad


Catskell Haskell equivalent
Win True
Fale False
Srsly x Just x
USuck Nothing
fings x an . . . an y noMoarFings [x, . . . ,y]
TooFings x an y (x,y)

Library functions

Monadic functions

Catskell Haskell equivalent
coffUp return
omgMoarHareblz (>>=)

List functions

Catskell Haskell equivalent
goezOnFrunt (:)
useSupaGlu (++)
fingAt xs n xs!!n
furstFing head
othaFings tail
backwerdz reverse
tanglWunWai foldl
tanglUvaWai foldr
doStuffWiv map
iWantsThees filter

Tuple functions

Catskell Haskell equivalent
leftPaw fst
ritePaw snd

Other functions

Catskell Haskell equivalent
maekPretti show

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